Here to Make Your New Jersey Move Smooth

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Cheap Movers In Jersey City – Hiring Tips

Jersey City is the downtown of New Jersey, and you happen to be in a situation where you need to hire cheap movers in Jersey City. Thankfully, the free market has run its course, and competition over customer favor has created some reliable, yet affordable services – just what you need at this present time. What follows are tips to finding affordable Jersey City movers using your investigation skills. Continue reading “Cheap Movers In Jersey City – Hiring Tips”

Top cities for expats in New Jersey

A lot can be said about New Jersey. It’s the fourth smallest state in the United States (by area), and the eleventh largest by population. 9 million people living here make it one of the most densely populated states. And its proximity to New York is the reason it often ends up as the punchline of a joke. However, there are so many more great things about the beautiful Garden State. Its location – so close to both New York City and Philadelphia makes it a great living place. And its beautiful coastal towns and high-performing public schools are just another reason why you should consider moving to New Jersey. However, to help you make up your mind some more, we give you a list of the six top cities for expats in New Jersey. Continue reading “Top cities for expats in New Jersey”

Tips for finding a decent family house on a budget

People in big cities often think about how it would be great to have your own house. It’s even better if there is clean fresh air. Where you can sit on your site, make barbecue and lie under the sun. You simply want to hire local movers in Jersey City and go. But thinking about the process of buying a house is frightening. You may think you do not understand anything about it and don’t know where to start. In fact, this is not difficult to understand. We will give you a couple of tips for finding a decent family house on a budget. Continue reading “Tips for finding a decent family house on a budget”

Moving alone to Jersey City

Are you moving alone to Jersey City? Moving alone takes a lot of work. There is so much paperwork to go over and moving services NJ to find. And once you are done, you need to figure out how to fit in the new city. Are you worried about this? Feeling stressed and anxious? Don’t know how you will make friends and get used to Jersey City? Well, there is no need to worry! We have your back! In today’s article, we talk about the best ways you can move to Jersey City, and how to fit in your new surrounding. Continue reading “Moving alone to Jersey City”

How to recognize a moving scam?

The popularity of the services of moving companies is constantly growing. Many rightly believe that it is simply impossible to organize a good and safe move on your own. Professional moving services become key if, for example, you have a bulky antique safe you need to move. Or you have a very valuable piano, so you need help of piano movers NJ. But we are talking about real professionals, which are not so easy to find. There are a lot of fraudulent movers out there. Therefore, you simply must know how to recognize a moving scam. Continue reading “How to recognize a moving scam?”

How to pack your kitchen?

The kitchen is probably the most complicated room to pack when preparing for relocation. With so many sharp and fragile items, liquids and perishables, one can easily make a mistake. Therefore, packing a kitchen requires more patience and skill than any other room. If you are moving to New Jersey with all your belongings, be careful how you pack because losing your stuff in transportation makes the whole thing pointless. If you want all your dishes and appliances to remain in one piece, take our advice on how to pack your kitchen properly. Continue reading “How to pack your kitchen?”

Best preschools in Jersey City 

Big changes, such as relocation, are never easy. Missing the people and places we love combined with fearing the unknown results in high levels of anxiety. Being less rational and more emotional, young children are affected the most. On top of that, there are many things to be done, like finding a new home in Jersey City, a new pediatrician and a new school for your kid(s). Our advice is to take all the help you can get in order to make the move easier for the entire family. Hiring professional Jersey City movers, for example, would be a great weight off your shoulders. Finding one of the best long distance movers NJ has to offer and a good NJ realtor means less stress and more time to focus on other things. When it comes to the youngest family members, learn how to tackle the challenges of moving with kids, and find the best preschools in Jersey City.

Tips for moving to Jersey City with kids

Jersey City waterfront area
Moving to Jersey City with children has its challenges

Moving with children can be emotionally draining. Fortunately, preschoolers usually adapt faster than older kids. Of course, every child has his/her own personality, hence with different kids we need different approaches. However, there are some common tricks that work for most children. Consider trying them if your little ones have trouble accepting and adjusting to the new environment.

Before the move

  • Choose the right time to tell them. The sooner you tell them about the move, the more time they’ll have to prepare mentally. Most of us don’t like change, especially one that comes out of the blue. In addition, chose a happy moment to share the news, do it slowly and gradually.
  • Talk about the move. Answer their questions regarding the move to New Jersey. Ask what worries them and try to find a solution together. Show them pictures of Jersey City, their new home and neighborhood in order to make things more predictable.
  • Find something to look forward to. Focus on the best things about your new house or the fun things to do in Jersey City. Make it look like an exciting adventure.
  • Introduce them to the new preschool. When you consider their new preschools in Jersey City, show them pictures, contact the teachers and let your child talk to them, if possible.

After the move

  • Help them keep in touch with friends. Staying in touch with friends and other family members will ease the transition.
  • Bring familiar objects. Having as many familiar objects as possible in the new home will also make children feel more comfortable.
  • Do not change the rules. Keep the same rules and daily routines they’ve always had, even those they dislike.
  • Seek professional help. Beginnings are always hard. However, if the child does not adapt over a longer time period, a good therapist will be able to help you.

The importance of preschool education

Jersey City is a great place for families thanks to the abundance of family-friendly entertainment, such as public playgrounds, parks and zoos, and most importantly, good schools. Unfortunately, many parents tend to underestimate preschool education. However, this is a very important stage in a child’s development and the very beginning of their education – the foundation on which further education is based. A good Jersey City preschool should be a stimulating environment where children get all the support necessary to grow and develop both physically and emotionally. They should learn things like sharing, making friends and participating in a group discussion. Essentially, preschool is the transition period that prepares children for the kindergarten experience.

Our choice for best preschools in Jersey City

Teacher with kids in one of preschools in Jersey City
Attending a good preschool is more important than most people think

Waterfront Montessori

Children from the age of 2 through 8th grade can attend this school. It is located in the Paulus Hook neighborhood, near the Hudson River. The school is founded by parents and run by parents. It provides individual and small group lessons, in a cooperative, non-competitive atmosphere. In addition, they believe that both younger and older children benefit from multi-age classrooms. The Montessori environment fosters exploration and pursuit of interests, allowing every child to progress at their own pace.

The Brunswick School

The Brunswick Preschool Program is designed for children who have turned three. Teacher-guided and student-centered classroom activities include creative art, music, movement, math and literacy, to name a few. Teachers encourage preschoolers to be active participants, ask questions and make discoveries. At the Brunswick Preschool, students learn spatial reasoning, self-help, communication and problem-solving through play, in a fun, engaging environment.

 Smart Start Academy

These Jersey City preschools also put emphasis on learning through exploration and movement rather than just sitting in a desk and listening. Academic, emotional, physical and social development are equally important. Children are introduced to subjects like math, language and science with age-appropriate materials. Furthermore, respect, compromising and problem-solving are among the main educational goals.

Teacher and children playing in the classroom using puppets
Preschools in Jersey City offer fun learning activities

Viaquenti Preschool

This preschool is located in Downtown Jersey City and welcomes children from 3 months of age to 2nd Grade. Viaquenti preschool offers a bilingual education in both English and Spanish, as well as a low teacher to student ratio. Preschoolers get familiar with early literacy, art, music, science, math, dramatic play and more. Teachers prepare themed lessons that gradually become more challenging as the end of the year approaches.

The Garden Preschool Cooperative

In this parent-run nonprofit preschool, parents play a major role in their children’s education. They participate in making the curriculum that changes every year, assist in the classroom and offer guidance to teachers.  This Jersey City preschool believes children’s curiosity is the driving force of the learning process. Learning by play is not only allowed but also encouraged. Also, creative thinking, perseverance, kindness and confidence are among the highly valued qualities.

Stevens Cooperative School

Its intellectually stimulating curriculum and supportive learning community make Stevens Cooperative one of the best preschools in Jersey City. This innovative school promotes confidence, independence, creative thinking and communication. Besides, every student is an active participant whose opinions matter. Furthermore, the focus is on developing work habits, organizational skills and emotional intelligence.

Tips For Finding Reliable Movers Online

Moving for the first time is never easy. Some might say that you get used to it after a few times, but really, moving never comes easy. There is just so much work to do! And if you aren’t organized and do not face it head on, it can be pretty hard for one person to handle. That’s why it’s always a great idea to get some professional local movers in New Jersey to help you. This is why in today’s article we give you the most helpful hints and tips on finding reliable movers online. Continue reading “Tips For Finding Reliable Movers Online”

Best NJ cities for startups

Have you decided you don’t want to work for others anymore and want to open your own business? Well, the best state for that is definitely New Jersey. It is the most densely populated state in the USA, and therefore it provides a lot of opportunities. Consequently, many people decide to come to NJ permanently, so moving companies in Jersey City have a lot of work. But, how do they decide where to move and open their business? What are the best NJ cities for startups? Continue reading “Best NJ cities for startups”

Affordable homes for sale in Jersey City

Jersey City has a population of over 260,000 people and 67 constituent neighborhoods, which makes it the second largest New Jersey community. These days, Jersey City is no longer as affordable as it once was, as real estate continues to boom and rents and prices continue to rise. In fact, some argue that we are witnessing a crisis of affordable housing in this city. Even though housing costs in Jersey City are much lower than those in the priciest NJ communities, they are still among the highest in the country. The average home price is $638,100, while home appreciation has been 50.15% for ten years. Nevertheless, Jersey City is still a very popular place to move to. If finding more affordable homes for sale in Jersey City is what you want, take a look at our suggestions. Continue reading “Affordable homes for sale in Jersey City”