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Best cities for families in New Jersey

We are positively sure that there is no such thing as a small move. Deciding to relocate takes a lot of planning, courage, and commitment. If you are considering a family move, the things can get a bit more complicated. There are many important decisions and questions to deal with when planning a family relocation to NJ. Finding a right place for both developing your career and having a quality family life should be a well-planned process. The very first thing you should focus on is safety, schools and family friendliness of your new neighborhood. The best cities for families in New Jersey offer it all.

The seal of the state of new jersey
Moving to one of the best cities in NJ will let you have a peaceful and quality family life

Glen Rock and Summit are one of the best places for raising your family in NJ.  Even though they are both small and safe communities they are quite different. Let’s take a quick look at both of these two great cities in NJ.

Glen Rock, one of the best cities for families in New Jersey

For all of you that don’t want to give up your exciting New York City job, but do want to have a suburban family lifestyle, Glen Rock is the perfect place to call home! This small, Berghan county borough is connected to Manhattan with a train line. Therefore commuting to work would not be a big deal. Living in a small community like this will ensure a safe environment for raising your children. With the population just below 12,000, this is a place where everybody knows your name and neighbors are considered to be your best friends. Besides having a welcoming and warm community, Glen Rock has some of the best ranking schools in the country. There are four elementary, one middle and one public high school. Glen Rock also has 2 private schools of whom one is for pre-kindergarten age and the other offers special needs education.

cycling in a park after moving one of the Best cities for families in New Jersey
After moving to Glen Rock you will have an outdoor and fun family life!

The picturesque downtown of Glen  Rock offers many family-friendly amenities. The nature trails of the Thielke Arboretum and its spring ponds are a great place to have some family outdoor fun. The public pool or bike trails are residents favorite places to exercise while having fun and enjoying the nature. Glen Rock is also extremely walkable and you can get around on foot, without any need to drive.

Even though it is not a cheap place to buy a house, there are various housing options. The median house value in Glen Rock is $610.600. However, the average renting price of $1.891 provides you with diverse housing options. 

The people of Glen Rock

More than 40% of families in Glen Rock have children. This means that your family won’t have a hard time fitting in. Excellence is a must for Glen Rock residents. Therefore, with more than 42% of its residents having a Bachelor degree, the kids of Glen Rock are always encouraged to pursue their academic career.

In conclusion, extremely low crime rates, top-ranking schools, the walkability and family friendliness are the best benefits of moving your family to Glen Rock.

Summit – a great place for young families to move to

An easy access to highways, great schools, and overall safety are the facts that get people thinking about moving to Summit. The reasons why all of them proceed with it are the people and city itself. Summit is a small community of 21,000 residents. Even though it is considered to be a suburban area of NYC, it has its own culture and vibe. The diversity of its residents is what makes this one of the best cities for families in New Jersey. More than 30 languages are spoken daily.

shopping for fresh groceries after moving to one of the Best cities for families in New Jersey
After moving to Summit, one of the best cities for families in New Jersey, you will have a daily access to fresh groceries.

Even though Summit is a small town, there are many things to do. Downtown features many small and interesting shops and restaurants. Also, if you want your family to have a healthy lifestyle, there are many fresh food groceries stores to shop at. 

The accessibility is something to consider when choosing the best relocation place for your family. Moving to Summit will mean that you will have an easy and quick access to highways. Interstate 78 and State Route 24 run past by the city. Therefore Newark airport city is just a 10 minutes drive away, while you can access the NYC in 45 minutes by your car.

Many sports courses, as well as the aquatic center, will be great places to have fun at. Summit doesn’t lack cultural activities either. The Summit Playhouse and Dreamcatcher Repertory Theater are the venues that feature shows and events. The Visual Arts Center of NJ has exhibitions, art camps and a studio school with no age limit.

All you need to know when moving to one of the best cities for families in NJ

The most important thing of any relocation is choosing the right city and neighborhood. But, what does come next? Even though relocation is a fun process it can get stressful. In order to prevent any moving mistakes, you will need to make a relocation plan. By having a detailed plan you will give yourself enough time to prepare for the move. Therefore, start planning ahead. Few months should be enough time for you and your family to figure out which are the tasks that are the most important.

Relocation plan for moving to NJ with your family

A hand truck with packed boxes for a relocation to Best cities for families in New Jersey
A reliable mover will take a good care of your boxes.

The plan itself should be customized to your own needs. To help you create the plan possible here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Hiring a reliable mover when relocating to one of the best cities for families in New Jersey is the first and most important task.
  • Creating a packing plan.
  • Creating a moving budget.
  • Taking care of pre-relocation responsibilities like canceling your suppliers and informing people about your relocation.

Hiring professional movers

Finding a reputable and reliable NJ moving company should be your top priority. Professional movers can take care of many relocation tasks and make the whole process easier. Packing, loading, unpacking, transport, moving insurance., Each of these important relocation steps can be taken care of in a timely manner. Even though a DIY relocation may sound cheaper, hiring a moving company for your NJ relocation can save you a lot of time.

The best thing to do first would be to contact your mover and ask for a moving estimate. This way you will have an overall cost impression and can start planning your relocation budget.

Packing plan

Packing sounds much easier said than done. Having a good packing plan is essential for a safe move. It will keep your belongings safe and make the unpacking stress-free. If you label your boxes properly you will have no trouble settling in.

Whether you are making an interstate or a short-distance move to one of the best cities for families in New Jersey, keeping your boxes safe is important. If you are not quite sure what would be the safest packing method, ask your movers for advice. Top-quality moving services in New Jersey will either guide you or do the whole packing process for you. Make sure you have enough packing material and you are all set for your moving day!