The popularity of the services of moving companies is constantly growing. Many rightly believe that it is simply impossible to organize a good and safe move on your own. Professional moving services become key if, for example, you have a bulky antique safe you need to move. Or you have a very valuable piano, so you need help of piano movers NJ. But we are talking about real professionals, which are not so easy to find. There are a lot of fraudulent movers out there. Therefore, you simply must know how to recognize a moving scam.

Moving truck to hire local movers
Make sure your movers are real, so you don’t regret it later

No moving company admits that it started to work recently, and it did not fully master the business. They will not tell you that they just want to earn money, so they use tricks. But you need to know about the basic methods of scammers in the moving business. You need to make sure that your local movers NJ are real and reliable. In this article we give you signs to help you identify a moving scam.

How can you recognize a moving scam?

Hiring good movers is not very easy task. It may seem simple, but it actually isn’t. What people usually do is hiring the most affordable movers in NJ. Of course, they can be both affordable and reliable. But be careful. It is not rare that they put small prices because they do not have enough experience. Or, even worse, planning to charge you extra after they finish the job. Here is what you need to be careful about, so you don’t become a victim of a moving scam.

1. Large cash deposit – the easiest way to recognize a moving scam

Most reliable moving companies don’t ask for any cash deposit at all. If they are asking for any cash in advance, don’t even proceed talking to them. Your things are your deposit, and you should pay only when the job is done. If you give them large amount of money before the move, they may not even show up for the move. And you lose your money for no reason.

2. Payments only by cash

If they accept nothing but cash, this is a clear that they are not real professionals. Paying by credit card leaves a paper trail, and you can prove that you hired them. Legitimate Jersey City movers have the option of paying by credit card.

A man showing different pay ways in best moving services
You should be able to pay by any way you like

3. Rates too low

Yes, we all like to save some money, especially when moving. But, as we all know, moving is not something you can do for a small amount of money. Keep in mind that the company has to pay their employees, as well as to buy gas. When the company gives you the estimate, compare it to the other movers. If it is extremely low, they may charge you extra once they finish the job. And you must identify this moving scam, so you don’t waste your money.

4. Bad and non-informative website

Successful moving companies know the importance of having a good website. Looking at the website you can easily recognize a moving scam. If the moving company has a plain website with only a couple of information, they are most likely frauds. Also, if there is no exact address of the company, you should think twice. Even if they put some address, check if their company is really there, or they just put a random address.

5. No contract

As in any other business, the contract is mandatory when hiring residential movers. In the contract you can see details such as the moving date, the price, the supplies needed. That way you don’t risk giving your money to someone who won’t do the job. Every reliable moving company will ask you to sign a contract.

6. Lack of a license

Every company that provides services of any kind must have a license. If the representative of the moving company tells you they don’t have a license, or they don’t need it, skip them. That is a definite sign of a moving scam.

Best removal companies have license.
Check their license carefully, it can also be fake

7. Too good reviews

Of course they will have only good reviews on their website. But, check the other reputable websites, such as There you can find some honest reviews from real customers. If the company is real, of course. If they don’t have many reviews, and all of them are great, you should be careful. When real customers leave reviews, they usually describe the job and how the company handled it. And if there are some negative reviews, that doesn’t have to be a bad sign. Just read them carefully, maybe it is about customers expecting too much.

8. No on-site estimate

Most good and reliable moving companies will send representatives to your place for a moving estimate. It is not only the distance that forms the price. The size and weight of your belongings are also important. Real professionals will come and tell you how much your moving will cost. If they refuse to do that, you may find yourself paying more than you should.

9. Hard to schedule the move

If the company keeps changing the date of your move, be careful. Professional movers will respect your time and plans and do everything in time. Of course, plans can change depending on various factors, such as the weather. But they should never be changed in the last minute.

10. No uniforms and truck without a logo

Every company wants to advertise itself on their vehicles. Why would moving companies be any different? If they show up in an unmarked van and without matching uniforms, it is best to cancel their services.

Good affordable movers always have all the good signs
Recognize a moving scam after checking all the signs

Pay attention when hiring movers. If you follow these tips, you will easily recognize a moving scam. And, consequently, save your money.

April 16 2018


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