You made a great choice – moving to New Jersey is a great thing. However, if you don’t properly prepare for it, your moving day could be a disaster. Not only that you might spend a fortune, but also your items could be damaged or stolen. To avoid troubles, we suggest you start with preparations as soon as you decide that you’re moving. With a good approach, no relocation will be difficult for you. Regardless of the distance or special requirements that you might have. We will give you a few tips on packing your household for relocation, given that the packing process is one of the most difficult parts of relocation. Besides this, if done properly, preparations for packing process will save you money. 

When should you start with preparations?

Immediately would probably be the best answer. You can never have too much time when it comes to relocation. The most demanding part of it is packing your belongings. You need to know what you should pack, how to pack each item, and what to pack when. To have an insight of how packing your household should look like, we shall explain here:

  • How to decide what you should move – Decluttering your home will save your money.
  • When to start packing different categories of your items – Having in mind how many items you need to pack, you should start packing weeks before moving day.
  • What belongings should be packed by the pros – We suggest you let the experts pack your valuable and fragile items.

Why should you declutter your home and how to do it?

De-cluttering saves you effort and money

Decluttering home is always a good idea. All of us have many items we never or rarely use. Now, if you have a big house, it’s not such a big problem. But, what if you’re moving to a small apartment? If you decided to bring all your belongings to your new home, you would have two solutions – to rent a storage or to clutter your new home. This would increase the costs and lower the quality of your life. On the other hand, you could decide to get rid of all those items you don’t need or you could easily purchase the moment you need them.

If you choose to declutter- it will be the best thing to do, given that you’ll save some money. The fewer items you move, the fewer moving experts you’ll need, and less money they will cost. Also, you could arrange a yard/garage sale and earn some money. Someone will need those items that clutter your home, so why wouldn’t you increase your moving budget that way? Surely, you won’t manage to sell all those items you don’t need. But you can always donate them.

How to declutter your home, what items you shouldn’t move? We suggest you move only those items you need. Meaning that you use them on a regular basis. All or most of the other items are not worth moving. If you have some doubts, or you need some piece of advice, we are here for you. Hiring our moving professionals you will get all necessary moving services and also all sorts of help you might need.

When’s the good time to start packing your household?

The sooner – the better. Don’t leave everything for one day. A good organization will make this possible. Make a packing calendar, with the schedule of when each part of your household should be packed. Also, don’t forget to get the proper packing supplies, so you could properly pack everything. Another thing to remember is – label every box. You want to know what’s in each box when the moving day comes, so you don’t damage something while loading the items into the moving truck.

Make a packing calendar

Household items you should pack first

Start with packing the items you don’t currently use. Such as your drawers, non-seasonal items and clothes etc. This will ease up the packing process, and you won’t have troubles until your moving day, given that you don’t use those items at the moment. Also, this will be quite helpful for decluttering home, being that you’ll pack your home part by part, so you’ll be able to decide whether or not you truly need something.

The items you should pack last

Simply – essentials. Such as kitchen, toilet, electronics, seasonal clothes etc. All those items you need to live and work trouble-free until your moving day. Besides this, don’t forget to use all your food before the moving day comes. Don’t forget to pack an essentials box. It should contain everything you necessarily need right after you move. You could be unable to unpack your belongings right after the move, so you’ll need this box.

Hire pros to pack demanding items

Hire professionals to help you with packing your household

Don’t risk damaging or ruining some valuable or fragile items due to being packed improperly. Sure, you can pack most items. But hire experts to deal with some special belongings you might have, such as pool table, piano etc. Also, if something is fragile or expensive, or your emotionally connected to, hiring packing pros will prevent potential troubles. Besides this, we suggest you let residential moving pros load your items, transport them, and unload them at your desired address. These are just the things experts are experienced at and you shouldn’t risk the damage just for saving a few bucks.

Packing your household could be an easy task or quite a difficult thing to do. Hence, there are some DIY packing projects, such as moving from a college dorm, that you might conduct even without sufficient experience. On the other hand, if you are moving a big house, you will probably need professional help for at least some items. Contact us before you start and we shall discuss everything with you, helping you make an ideal packing plan.

March 5 2018


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