If you’re a single moving to New Jersey, you should know that it’s actually very hard to stay single there. You see, New Jersey may be one of the smallest US states, but it the 11th most populous. The population density is also very high. It’s no wonder it’s called “The Garden State“. Places for singles in New Jersey are many, and it all really depends if you want to stay single or not. In essence, it depends on what you’re looking for.

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll use some statistics to figure out which are the most desirable places for singles in New Jersey. However, we will assume that you’re looking for a partner.  It is true that you can find a potential partner anywhere on the globe, but why not increase your chances?

1. New Jersey – a quick overview

New Jersey has a population of just over 9 million people, and that’s more than most states in the USA. The population has been steadily growing by about 60-80 thousand per year for the past few years. 51.2% of the population are women, while 48.8 are men. Generally speaking, the closer it is to 50-50, the better, and this comes pretty close. Marriage rates have been steadily growing since 2011, and the state itself is currently clocking in at 5.4 marriages per 1000 people. The graph below will give you some idea about the population age in New Jersey, according to the Bureau of Census:

Statistics showing a large number of young people, making NJ one of best place to move to
Looking at this graph, you will see that NJ is one of the best places for singles in the US.

Depends on your age, you will want to look for a potential partner in the 18-24 bracket, and the 25-44 bracket. This means that effectively, the group you will be looking at consists of 36% of the population. This is about 3240000 people, which means that your chances are great. Keep in mind, though, that some of them are married and in a long-term relationship. Regardless, those are pretty good odds in your favor, and go for it! The median age is 39.4, and considering the longevity of the residents, this isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds.

2. Princeton is one of the best places for singles in the entire US

And this espeically applies if you’re a part of the younger population. Oh, you know where this is going. Princeton is the home of Princeton University, which you will recognize as one of the oldest and largest in the US. As such, it attract a vast body of students – the total number is around 8200, and this is just the student population, which generally doesn’t include older people. The title of this segments seems a bit like an exaggeration, but think again – this is a University on the East Coast in one of the most populous regions of the US. If you factor in the potential time to find your soulmate, you get some pretty good chances.

One of the best places for singles in New Jersey is the Princeton University
Universities in general are one of the best places for singles in New Jersey.

3. Newark and Jersey City

This time, we’re going for the numbers only. You see, those two are the most populous cities in New Jersey. As such, they are the best places for singles by default. The general rule of thumb is that you want to increase the number of your potential partners in your vicinity. Then there’s the crazy levels or population density, which is 4,528.1 per square mile (1,748.3/km2), for Newark, and somewhat lower for Jersey City. Those two large cities aren’t exactly near each other, but have very similar demographic statistics, with Jersey City having about 10.000 people fewer. Many people congregate in those parts for various reasons, some of them being:

And so on, and so forth. While some of them might move alone, others might hire experts for small moves NJ, such as AMG Moving Company NJ.

Best places for singles in New Jersey are all across the East Coast.
Some of the best places for singles in New Jersey are large towns.

4. Let’s have a look at the smaller cities

Unless you leav in New Jersey or nearby, you’ve probably never heard of places such as New Brunswick, Guttenberg, Trenton and Bayonne. So, what’s good about these towns? Marriages, as we have mentioned, are steadily increasing, if you look at the period 2011-onwards. However, the marriage age has moved quite a bit. The average age in the US is 27 for women, and 29 for men, and this is a pretty much constant trend in first world countries. In New Jersey, however, it’s 28.6 for women and 30.4 for men. Each of the two sexes have about a decade of dating before entering marriage. In these small cities, the trends are no different. Your potential partner (no matter if male or female) is college educated (or in education), with a part-time of full-time job, and aged between 20 and 29. Of course you will find outliers, but they are elusive by default.

Considering so much is down to chance, statistics is nearly useless when determining your potential partner(s). However, these general outlines will help you in the long run, considering that these places are the best places for singles in New Jersey. This is, however, not a guarantee. If you’re persistent and determined, you could fine a life partner even in places like the North Pole. However, less than half of adults in the US are married, and it’s a good sign if you’re looking for a one-time partner, but bad news if you’re looking for a lifetime soulmate. New Jersey is no exeption, but, luckily, most of it depends on you and your partner. In other words, New Jersey in general is a good place if you’re single, but most of the effort is on you. Good luck and God speed!

February 24 2019


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