Moving to college is an important part of everyone’s life. When making such an important step, especially if you’re moving to another city, it’s essential to hire proper moving assistance. College moving professionals are the best solution. But be very careful. Not every NJ moving company is reliable. Besides, there are also so many low-quality movers. So even if you hire a reliable mover, you might get into moving troubles. This is why we decided to give you a hand with hiring reliable college movers. Move to college stress-free and enjoy that big step in your life!

Moving to college – don’t start with euphoria before you get settled

We won’t even discuss your college life here (yes, there will be parties, friends etc.) because we want to point out how important it is to stay focused before you move. There are so many things to do, so keep your calm and make sure you do everything to prevent troubles. Here is what you should do:

  • Hire moving professionals – Reliable college movers will make your move a great experience.
  • Plan your move – College moving experts can help you a lot with this
  • Pay attention to every little detail – Forgetting to do something or not doing it right causes moving troubles.

Hiring the right college moving professionals will be the crucial thing that will help you move safely, efficiently and trouble-free. The rest of relocation will be easy if you have the right help. Hence, what follows are tips on finding quality, affordable and reliable college movers.

Tips for hiring reliable college movers

Yes, your parents will help you a lot with your college move. However, knowing a thing or two and making sure your move is absolutely safe, your items don’t get damaged and you avoid paying large amounts of money will allow you enjoy college life immediately after you relocate. Otherwise, jumping into moving troubles wouldn’t be that exciting at all. Here are some steps we suggest you take when searching for moving help:

  • Use trustful sources of information – The people you trust could recommend you the movers you can rely on if they moved recently.
  • Make sure the company is reliable and quality – A background check is a must.
  • Hire the moving company satisfying your moving needs on your budget – Compare what you get to the price you pay.

Where to search for moving help?

Before you start, we recommend making a list of at least 5-7 moving companies. This way, you will have enough movers to pick among. When talking about making a list, here is where to search for college movers:

  • Friends, family, acquaintances – Whoever from this circle of people moved recently can recommend a moving company you can trust, and it is the most important thing – to hire reliable college movers.
  • Your college – Contacting your college and asking them for recommendation could also be a good solution. Or contacting college students who moved to your college recently.
  • Other resources – The web, ads etc. This is the least reliable way of finding reliable movers, but it can help you make a list.

Checking the background

Once you made a list of movers, the first thing you should do is check their background. See if they have a proper licensure. Without required licenses, you shouldn’t trust any company. Even if it was recommended by your friend or family member. Pay attention to how they respond to phone calls and emails. Do they use a company name? If not, we suggest you erase them from your list. Pay a visit to their offices. What are their uniforms like? Are there trucks with a company logo? How reliable they seem to be? Believe your instincts. If there are some reasons to get suspicious, ask for an explanation or simply avoid hiring such a company. Your safety and the safety of your belongings is something you shouldn’t put at risk.

Besides reliability, you should also check how quality moving services they offer. Low-quality services could cost you even more than a moving scam. Hence, read the reviews and ask their previous customers how satisfied they were. Find out if there were some major issues. If you can’t be sure that some mover is quality enough, walking away is the safest option.

Affordable and reliable college movers – the best option!

After you made sure that only quality and reliable college movers are left on your list, you can pay attention to saving money. Moving to college is quite costly, so saving every dollar means a lot. Moving is the first step, so you really can pay additional attention and hire the best price for the moving services you need. So get moving estimates and compare the prices. But, there’s one thing you must do. Ask for a list of moving services included in the price you get. This way you’ll know you’re truly comparing apples to apples. For example, you might need additional services, and there are two companies with similar price estimates. If one of them offers additional services at no cost, and the other charges you additionally for those services, you will know who you should hire!

On the other hand, if one company offers only the basic services, and the other offers additional services included in the price, but it is slightly more expensive, who should you chose if you need only the basic moving services? Of course, the cheaper company offering only the basic services. Why would you pay for additional services if you don’t need them? No matter how affordable movers they seem to be.

February 25 2018


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“We have moved recently and these were the best movers we have had. They arrived early and were courteous with our stuff. No Complaining like other movers we have had and always doing what we asked them to do. They were so good, that we recommended them to others who were also happy with their work. They really reduced our moving stress and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Jersey City, NJ

“I hired this company to load my rental truck that I decided to drive cross country to save some money. Boy am I happy I had the help, while driving is not so bad loading this truck would have been a nightmare. The men shrink wrapped all of items and stacked them perfectly. There was 0 space left on that truck. Could not have done it without them, stand up people.”

Jersey City, NJ

“Good Job!!
Jeremy and his team were very professional and quick. They did everything without a problem. It was a great experience and we will use AMG Moving again!”

Branchburg, NJ