If you have ever experienced moving to another place, then you know what kind of the hustle it is. One of the toughest things to pack and move is definitely the pool table. In that case, you know that you need to hire best among local moving companies in Jersey City. But, how to check which one is the best? In this article we will give you some advice how to evaluate pool table movers.

What to look for when choosing the pool table movers?

We offer a list of nuances that are important to pay attention to when selecting the pool table movers:

Free moving assessment

Honest and reliable moving companies, offer a free assessment of the move. Therefore, you can count your capabilities in advance. If they ask you to pay for a consultation – run away!

Transparent pricing

When assessing the move, the piano moving experts should write you out how they formed the price. Always be interested in what is included in the cost of moving services, because you pay for it.

Cooperation on the basis of an official contract

No overpayments – the agreed cost is in the contract and does not change until the end of the move. Even in the case of force majeure, for example if the elevator has broken down.

You should always sign the contract first

Employee staff

Conscientious companies rendering movable services do not take people “from the street”. All employees finished the training, because it’s not just about quality assembly and careful transportation of property. The price of mistake is the future of the company. And if they lose a valuable thing after the move, it will be difficult to restore the reputation.

How long does it take to move?

An experienced moving company will plan the entire process. And they will move your property to a different city or state in the shortest time possible. But the client is the one who decides on everything. For example, if you need to postpone or cancel the move.

Do pool table movers provide additional services?

Initially, the moving services assumed only the transportation of things, their packaging, loading and unloading. Today the list of services has expanded: temporary storage, registration and organization of international transportation, even the solution of small domestic issues on the arrangement. And, of course, insurance of property during transportation.

Check their website

Any reliable and successful pool table moving company knows that website is the best business card. They will try to attract their customers with interesting design of their website. It also needs to be informative and to contain the most important information. If they do not invest much money in making their website, they are probably cheap on other stuff too. For example, packing materials for protecting your pool table.

Website and profiles on social networks can tell you a lot about your pool table movers

Be careful when reading reviews

Of course, no one will let bad reviews to be on their website. Thus, there website is not the only place where you should look for reviews. There are great websites, such as Yelp, where you can find reviews for all sorts of services. Since everybody can leave reviews there, nothing stops representatives of the company for moving pool tables to write the best review possible. But, if those jobs actually happened, then there should be some evidence. For instance, detailed description of the job, or letters of recommendation, or thank you note. Something to assure you they are not frauds. One of the best ways to recognize a moving scam is to check credibility of the company’s reviews.

Be sure they provide insurance

“Why would I need that?” you may wonder. Of course, we are all hoping that our move will go as planned and nothing bad will happen. But, what if something goes wrong? What if your reliable local movers NJ break something during the move? Or something gets lost? Well, that’s where the insurance come! If loaders break or lose something of your property, the moving company will cover all the losses. We know that some things are irreplaceable, but money compensation can provide at least some satisfaction.

Let’s summarize

So, what should you check before you hire pool table movers:

  1. Whether they offer free moving assessment;
  2. How they formed the price;
  3. Do those pool table movers offer you to sign a contract;
  4. Are their employees well trained and prepared for everything that can happen during the move;
  5. Can you postpone or cancel the deal free of charge;
  6. Do they provide additional services;
  7. Do they have appealing and informative website;
  8. Are there any reviews on their work, and whether they are real;
  9. Whether they offer an insurance in case they break or lose some of your belongings.

In any case, if you plan to move your pool table, no matter the distance, visit the website of the AMG Moving Company. Only one of its kind will tell you about many things. And if the manager offers you several convenient solutions for an atypical task, shares tips and secrets with which the move will become much faster and easier – this is a sure sign that they have done thousands of moves and do not intend to ruin their reputation.

Good and reliable moving companies usually offer a lot of different services for a reasonable price. You should also be aware that good service cannot be too cheap. So, what you need to do is to find the right pool table movers and start playing pool in your new home.

February 22 2018


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“We have moved recently and these were the best movers we have had. They arrived early and were courteous with our stuff. No Complaining like other movers we have had and always doing what we asked them to do. They were so good, that we recommended them to others who were also happy with their work. They really reduced our moving stress and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

Jersey City, NJ

“I hired this company to load my rental truck that I decided to drive cross country to save some money. Boy am I happy I had the help, while driving is not so bad loading this truck would have been a nightmare. The men shrink wrapped all of items and stacked them perfectly. There was 0 space left on that truck. Could not have done it without them, stand up people.”

Jersey City, NJ

“Good Job!!
Jeremy and his team were very professional and quick. They did everything without a problem. It was a great experience and we will use AMG Moving again!”

Branchburg, NJ