People have been moving for a while now – it’s become completely normal. After all, we all yearn to find that perfect utopia that we can call home. Is that something people can find in New Jersey? Most definitely. So, all that’s left is for you to give it a try and find out. All you have to do is find the right New Jersey movers for the job. Well, good news for you – AMG Moving Company NJ is here to make sure that your move is a memorable experience. So, if moving to New Jersey trouble-free is your wish, we are here to help you make it come true. Contact us right now and get your free estimate.

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Moving To New Jersey

There is a lot of things that one could count as essential traits for a moving company, and AMG Moving Company NJ has their own opinion on the matter.

What should you expect from a reliable moving company NJ?

We have combined years of experience and communication with customers and built our business upon that feedback. And with the results we received, we came to the following qualities you should come to expect from an expert New Jersey moving company:

  • Professionalism – keeping an emphasis on your specific needs and customizing the move according to them. This allows us to provide you with a successful and reliable New Jersey relocation, satisfying all wishes. And in case we are unable to provide particular moving services NJ, we gladly refer you to a number of established and trusted associates that can.
  • Credibility. It’s crucial that you trust your New Jersey Movers crew, and that comes with certain verification and testimonies. When offered a choice, always opt for an expert mover that is well-known and established. After all, the last situation anyone wants is to have their belongings suffer any harm or disappear. And this is exactly what can happen when you hire local New Jersey Movers that you did not verify first. It is also something you will never have to worry about with AMG Moving Company NJ services.
  • Experience. AMG Moving Company NJ welcomes competition and we believe that it helps well-established movers stay on track. But at the end of the day, you want an experienced local NJ moving company with an understanding of professional services. It is simply a matter of getting a guaranteed stress-free and secure relocation to your new New Jersey residence.
  • Affordability. What good are the ideal NJ moving services when you can’t fit them into your relocation budget? This is why AMG Moving Company NJ put a high value on affordability. Never look for the cheapest New Jersey Movers, but for affordable ones. It is all about finding movers that balance out their services with the right moving estimate NJ. We offer all that and more with our quick and optimal online moving calculator. So get your estimate for moving to New Jersey in a matter of minutes.
  • Assurance – safety should always be a priority when talking about your property. AMG Moving Company NJ always puts in the additional effort for our customers, to ensure the safety of your valuables, as well as your frame of mind.

Moving to New Jersey – make a plan of action

Recent polls show that over one-third of Americans wish they could move out of state. Whether you are a recent college grad or a young professional, moving to New Jersey comes with its share of difficulties. Is it better to hire an expert long distance mover NJ or do a self-relocation? How will you ensure the safety of your belongings during transit? What expenses will your new employer cover, if any? So before you break out the packing boxes and shipping tape, consider these organizational guidelines to assist you in your moving endeavor.

Start saving and build your relocation budget

Shipping, gas, hotel and insurance costs can pile up quickly. Add to that security deposits for renting and starting utilities in your new home, and it becomes clear that moving to New Jersey requires quite a few upfront costs. Suddenly, the plan to save money and build a moving budget doesn’t seem that crazy, does it? It’s simply a matter of financial security. After all, you can’t rely on the security deposit from your old place since you never know when you might get it.

Building your budget shouldn’t stop when you get to New Jersey. Cost of living varies from state to state, and your current income might not afford you the same luxuries after the move. You can use online COL calculators to determine how far your current salary will take you in specific cities across New Jersey. That should give you a more general idea whether moving to New Jersey is a smart fiscal idea.

Check whether your employer is willing to help out

Some companies cover relocation costs, but it is important to get the terms straight. Your employer may reimburse items such as shipping services, packing services, transportation and travel expenses. Everything associated with searching for your new home – but only if you are moving for the purpose of business. So it might not hurt to ask whether your employer will cover other expenses, such as:

  • lease cancellation fees
  • realtor assistance
  • temporary housing and storage.

Decide what it is you are moving to New Jersey with you

What is the point of dragging a decade-old couch and barely working TV with you to NJ? You need to take inventory of all your belongings, especially bulky furniture and electronic appliances. Then you can calculate whether they are worth moving to New Jersey with you, or if you would perhaps fare better with new replacements.

Don’t forget to factor in what you might save in time, money and energy by not hauling these heavy items. If you can’t afford brand new furniture, consider taking advantage of websites such as Craigslist.

Research professional movers NJ that can assist you

The fact of the matter is that you are not perfectly qualified enough for an interstate relocation. So why risk the well-being of your belongings when there is a far simple way to handle this task? Simply research and hire expert NJ movers that can best help you make your moving to New Jersey easy and efficient.


Our movers can pack, load, ship, and unpack all of your belongings in case you decide to take advantage of our full-packing services. That way, the only thing left for you to do is to tell them where to park the couch. Many people choose to do the packing themselves to save money and ensure proper handling. Estimating the costs of professional moving services isn’t as easy as jumping online. Most well-established NJ moving companies will send an expert to your home to evaluate your items and provide a quote.

Make sure to obtain several estimates

Do your research before signing a contract with a moving company. Be sure to obtain at least three shipping cost estimates from different companies in order to ensure the best deal. User-review sites such as Angie’s List can help you find the most reliable companies, but so can friends, co-workers, BBB etc.

Insurance never hurts, especially when moving to a different state

Accidents happen every day, especially during transportation. So why not ensure the safety and protection of your belongings with the help of proper insurance. Anything can happen when all of your worldly possessions are packed into one space, speeding down the highway. Although moving companies provide insurance options to protect your belongings, you should always take precautions.

Moving to New Jersey with full-privileged services

When it comes to relocating to New Jersey, we assure you of satisfying all your requirements. What does this mean? It means that, whatever problem appears during your NJ relocation, we are here to solve it.

You should have both your moving and storage have taken care of by only one moving company New Jersey. Otherwise, it would be a time-consuming and costly moving process. This is why we decided to put into practice storage services in our business, so now we can proudly say that we are truly and one of the best New Jersey moving and storage companies. So here is what you can expect from us service-wise:

  • Local New Jersey moving services. Whether you’re relocating around the corner or from NYC, allow us to handle your New Jersey move for you and your family.
  • Commercial New Jersey movers. Whether your business is a 4×4 office or an entire building, our team of New Jersey movers is ready to take the commercial relocation head-on.
  • New Jersey storage options. If you find yourself in need of additional space for your residential or commercial move trust Green City movers for your storage. Our storage services offer convenience, security, and affordability.
  • Packing and unpacking services. This may be one of the hardest parts of any relocation. But AMG Moving Company NJ has you covered. You can make sure that all of your belongings will be safely stored and transported by paying for our packing/unpacking service.

Advantages of moving to New Jersey

Once you begin to comprehend everything that moving to New Jersey can offer to you in terms of a new beginning, you are already as good as there. You’ll find yourself halfway towards hiring an expert NYC moving and storage company. And then, there you are in no time – relocated and unpacked in your new Jersey City house. But before all that, let’s consider some good vibes that moving to New Jersey can bring:

Moving to New Jersey for cheaper housing

You will hardly find NYC apartments that are as nice, spacious and cheap as those in Jersey City. This is something definitely worth looking out.


New York City has some of the highest housing costs in the States. And the worst part – the prices just keep on rising. What was once $345 per square foot (2000) has since escalated to $1,760 today. New Jersey, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Here, you will find that the price per square foot made a 5% increase and now totals around $169. Unbelievable, right? Once you’ve recovered from the shock of reading this, consider the space you can buy/rent in Jersey in comparison with NYC.

The commute from New Jersey will not slow you down

It sounds weird when you consider that you commute interstate for work. But the fact of the matter is that it only takes you 30 minutes to get from Jersey to Manhattan. And the positive side is that you are not limited to only one form of transportation. You can use either one of the following methods of transportation and get to work within 60 minutes:

  • Board a ferry across the Hudson River
  • Catch a PATH train into Penn Station.
  • Driving to NYC – although this will depend on which part of New Jersey you reside in.

But when you think about it, people today spend up to two hours traveling to work. You can spend that long in public transport even if you are living in New York City. 

New Jersey gives you affordable car access

All us petrol-heads know that feeling when you sit behind the wheel of a car – New Jersey can offer just that. The scenario of having a car while you’re in NYC is, for lack of a better term, a nightmare. The annual expenses alone can afford you a new car:

  • Garage rentals can cost you between $250 and $500 per month.
  • Car insurance goes for $80 per month.
  • Gas (with an average spending car) could run you up to $700 per month.

And not to mention the traffic and aggressive drivers you can find on the streets on New York. So, when you take everything into consideration, not really worth the trouble.


New Jersey, on the other hand, is much more suburban and hence, car-friendly. Parking can be arranged easily in the driveway of your apartment building. And the best part is that it won’t cost you anything. So taking the kids to ivy league games or going to grocery stores is no issue.

Lower taxes in NJ

Were you aware that in addition to New York state taxes, the city of New York has a separate tax added to that? Shocking, right? The tax percentage varies from 2.90 to 3.87, depending on the annual income. When you live in New Jersey, those taxes are removed from the equation. The starting tax in New Jersey is 1.4%, whereas the starting tax in New York is 4%. Just let that sink in for a while and put the final touches on your decision of moving to New Jersey. For everything else, AMG Moving Company NJ is here. And the good thing about the train or ferry – you can get some work done while traveling, or meet new people.

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“We have moved recently and these were the best movers we have had. They arrived early and were courteous with our stuff. No Complaining like other movers we have had and always doing what we asked them to do. They were so good, that we recommended them to others who were also happy with their work. They really reduced our moving stress and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”

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“I hired this company to load my rental truck that I decided to drive cross country to save some money. Boy am I happy I had the help, while driving is not so bad loading this truck would have been a nightmare. The men shrink wrapped all of items and stacked them perfectly. There was 0 space left on that truck. Could not have done it without them, stand up people.”

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